Splash Technology Ghana

With over a decade of North American experience in the ICT industry, Ghana-based Splash Technology provides cutting edge solutions to corporate bodies in the West African Sub-Region.

We undertake Website Development, Website Hosting, Website Maintenance, Bulk SMS, SMS-Enabled Software Development and Customized Software Development right here in Accra, Ghana.

We have software packages for Real-time Mobile Payment Collection, Church Management, Point Of Sale (Retail), Multiple Warehouse Stock Monitoring, Coupons Generation & Processing and Secure Electronic File Archiving systems that are used by major corporations like KPMG Ghana and Elton Oil Gambia. We continuously develop new packages.

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SMS, Web Development News Ghana
Websites Developed Ghana

POS Receipt Printers and Barcode Scanners Ghana
Bulk SMS/Text Solutions Ghana
You can dramatically increase patronage of your products, events, etc. via our easy-to-use Bulk SMS/Text Messaging systems.

These solutions also enable you to continuously stay in touch with customers, members of your organization, etc., to quickly disseminate relevant information.

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Website Development Ghana
You've probably heard that we build the best websites, well, it's true, we do.

Employing over-a-decade of web development experience, we work with our clients to develop, host and maintain easy-to-use, fast-loading, uncluttered and highly functional websites for all industries and purposes.

We also build on existing or even new software systems to expose selected informaton and services to your valued clients via the web for such purposes as customer self service, stakeholder polling, feedback gathering, statement printing, etc.

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Software Development Ghana

Working with you our valued client, we develop flawless customized software to power your business processes, improve efficiency and save you money.

We also have a collection of productivity software that you can use in your organization.

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Splash ChurchMinder Software Ghana
Electronic Voting System in Ghana
Splash NominationMinder Software Ghana
Point Of Sale System
Real Time Feedback System Ghana
Automated Warehouse Management Solution
Splash couponMaster Software Ghana