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Progressive churches that seek to effectively manage fundraising schemes and take good care of their Clergy and Members by securely/confidentially managing their information. These churches would also be seeking to accurately chronicle their church history (records of respective members' service to the church, key events, appointments to church boards, etc.) easily and cost-effectively.


churchMinder® is an easy-to-use computerized system for churches to manage all relevant information about their Members, Clergy, Leaders (Deacons, Elders, etc.), Members’ Financial Contributions, Donations, Special Groups, etc. in a confidential and secure manner.

It enables authorized officials of the church to quickly get information and reports on all aspects of the church’s fundraising efforts and membership to facilitate key management activities like administration, planning and budgeting.


:: Fundraising Schemes Management: Tracking of fundraising instruments and contributions by individual members to determine members in good standing, etc.
:: Tithes & Donations Management: Tracking of contributions to obtain profiles of respective members
:: Member Information: Comprehensive information about each member such as Baptism Date, Family Life (marital status, spouse, children, etc), Professional Profile, Employment Profile, Academic Profile, Postal and Residential Contacts, Locality of residence, etc.
:: Church History & Diary: Facility to record major events and milestones in the life the church for the benefit of future generations
:: Clergy & Appointments: Records of clergy, their appointments, transfers and allied information
:: Leadership Committees: Appointments to boards of Deacons, Presbyters, Elders, etc.
:: Age Distribution Profile: Analysis of the age profile of your members to help you to quickly determine the respective percentages of various age groups in your church
:: Statisitcs: Attendance of services and regular sacraments like communion, etc.
:: Groups & Associations: Information on Leaderships and Memberships of respective church groups (e.g. Church Choir, Youth Fellowship, etc.)
:: Special Roles: Records on participation in special roles e.g. Ushers, Sunday School Teachers, etc.
:: Instant access to Age Distribution Profile of the church
:: Flexible Reports on all aspects of church information
:: Instant access to church history
:: Quick search for members that fit a given profile e.g. unemployed graduates, students, professionals, etc.
:: The system can be used simultaneously by several officers of the church across your computer network


:: Our Ministry Partners:

  • St Stephen Episcopal Church, Monrovia, Liberia
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Osu Eben-Ezer Congregation
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Victory Congregation, Frafraha
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Peniel Congregation, Teshie
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Epiphany Congregation, Kaajano
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Calvary Congregation, Haatso
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Grace Congregation, Akropong
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Abeka Congregation, Abeka
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Nativity Congregation, La
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Christ Congregation, Adentan
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Christ the King Congregation, Nii Okaiman
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Samuel Otu Memorial Congregation, Larteh
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Redemption Congregation, Pantang
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, RIIS Congregation, Nii Oworshika
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Nazareth Congregation, La
  • Global Evangelical Church, Trinity Parish, Kotobabi
  • Evangel Assemblies of God, Adabraka
  • Assemblies of God, Transcontinental Worship Center, East Airport
  • Assemblies of God, Holy Ghost Revival Center, Odorkor
  • Calvary Charismatic Center, Adom Adegono
  • Calvary Charismatic Center, Apenkwa
  • Redeemed Baptist Church, Ogbojo
  • International Central Gospel Church, Glorious Temple, Addogornor
  • International Central Gospel Church, Dunamis Temple, Ogbojo
  • International Central Gospel Church, Yahweh Temple, East Legon
  • International Central Gospel Church, North Legon Valley, Old Ashongman
  • Living Praise Power Ministries, Comm 16, Tema
  • The Makers House, Kwabenya


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