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couponMaster Fuel Coupons System

Target Users::

Fuel/Petroleum/Oil Marketing companies and other organizations that need to implement a credible and loss-proof automated/electronic coupon system.


CouponMaster® is an easy-to-operate suite of systems for electronic Fuel Coupons Operations. CouponMaster® can also be used by non-oil organizations that require Electronic Coupon Systems. This eliminates the numerous inefficiencies and problems that are associated with operating a manual coupon system (theft, losses, long processing times, etc.).

CouponMaster® gives you complete and well audited real-time control of the ordering, customer payment, manufacturing, distribution, redemption (use) and post redemption accouting processes of the coupon administration practice. Extensive accounting and audit trails also ensure that you do not lose a single dime in your operations.

This extensive suite of technologies enables you to produde customized coupons of any denominations for your customers (bearing their respective names, etc.), secures these coupons such that they can be cancelled/invalidated in the event that a customer loses coupons and provides a water-tight end-to-end nationwide system for real time redemption and reporting such that no coupon can be used twice!


:: Easy-to-Use: CouponMaster® features very easy-to-use interfaces that minimize human errors, follow natural workflows and are quick to learn for even relative novice computer users. This ensures that your team members can get up and going very quickly when you adopt CouponMaster® for your operations.
:: Customized Coupons: Every Customer is very important so a key feature of CouponMaster® is the customization of every Customer's coupons with their respective names. This give the Customer the special feeling of having their coupons specialy made for them. This will obviously improve your bottom line quite significantly.
:: Customer Accounts: CouponMaster® enable you to create unqiue accounts for each Customer. That way, you can quickly obtain such important information about them such as their purchase history, etc.
:: Multi-Department Checks: To minimize abuse of the coupon system (which our strict audit trail traps anyway), CouponMaster® requires that three different people from three different departments of your organization login and collaborate to manufacture coupons. This way, a system of checks and balances is employed to safeguard your interests.
:: Integration with ACCPAC: If you use ACCPAC, CouponMaster® can be configured such that it goes in to check that all payments are received (or credit arrangements are completed) in ACCPAC prior to the manufacture of coupons. Records of redemptions at your various stations can be reported back to ACCPAC to ensure that the respective stations' accounts are automatically credited.
:: Real-Time computation of Coupons in Circulation: CouponMaster® makes it easy for you to obtain a report of coupons in circulation at any time. This report can be obtained in less than a second!
:: Real-Time Redemption: CouponMaster® has inbuilt facilities for real time redemption such that no coupon can be used more than once. No fake coupons too can be used in your system. This eliminates fraud and guards your bottom line. When a coupon is redeemed/used in your system, all the accouting processes are completed right away and the value of that coupon is "killed" right away. Our multi-channel redemption system can be operated among your network of redemption points in a given locality or even nationwide!
:: Coupon Lifetime History Tracker: In the event of an audit, you can easily find out everything about a given coupon in a second! Such information includes the Order Taker that received the customer's order to manufacture that coupon, the Cashier that received payment for it, the Coupon Printer that reviewed the order and manufactured the coupon, your Team Member that accepted the coupon as payment, the Time and Place of acceptance of that coupon, etc.)
:: Cancellations: CouponMaster® guards the interests of your Customers such that in the event of loss/misplacement of coupons, such coupons can be cancelled by duly authorised members of your team. Coupons that are cancelled cannot be used anywhere in your system.
:: Strict Audit Trails: CouponMaster® sports an aggressive audit trail system which ensures that every transaction that is carried out by any of your Team Members can be traced back to the User at any time. This comes in handy in times of regular audits or even forensic audits.
:: Real-Time Reports: CouponMaster® makes it easy for you to obtain relevant real-time reports on every aspect of your coupon operations at any time, and within seconds.

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