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Software Development Ghana
Our comprehensive church management software holds Members Information, Statistics, Financials, Church History/Diary, etc.

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This is an easy-to-use Point Of Sale (POS) software for shops and retail outfits that also does multiple warehouse monitoring, etc.

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Websites Developed Ghana

Websites Developed GhanaBiogas Technologies Ltd. deploys plants that process organic waste into methane (cooking gas) and nitrogen-rich water for hotels, hospitals, etc.

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Websites Developed GhanaNest of Ideas is Ghana's premier Customer Service Trainining Consultancy. They believe that "Better Service Generates Better Profits."

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Bulk SMS/Text Solutions Ghana
You can dramatically increase patronage of your products, events, etc. via our easy-to-use Bulk SMS/Text Messaging systems.

These solutions also enable you to continuously stay in touch with customers, members of your organization, etc., to quicklydisseminate relevant information.

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SMS/Text Enabled Software

We have software solutions that enable your field staff, sales team, customers etc. to quickly report sales figures, give you feedback, etc. via SMS/Text messages in a databased system.

These databases can then be customized to enable you to utilize these Text messages for your operations or even integrate them into your existing systems.

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