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MobileBanker System

Target Users::

Financial institutions that engage in mobile banking (mobile deposit mobilization).


mobileBanker® is an inexpensive system that enables your Mobile Bankers to send SMS (Text Messages) from any mobile phone to instantly report Deposits that they mobilize in the field, and also confirms receipt of respective deposits by instantly sending SMS acknowlegements to your Clients on their mobile phones.

Our optional ultra-slim lightweight portable mobileAdvantage Printer can be used with the mobileBanker® system for your field agents to issue printed receipts of deposits instantly in the field.

This solution records all transactions in a database at your central office and exports these records to Microsoft Excel for you to analyze or even import into your banking software. This way, long hours of manual data entry at the back office are eliminated, thus saving you significant operational costs.

It's internal communication module enables you to instantly communicate important information/alerts to all your field collectors and even clients.


:: Confidential: No storage of your information on third party systems so only you know how much you are mobilizing

:: Secure: Instant reporting of deposits from the field ensures that records cannot be tampered with. Optionally, receipts can be printed onsite for clients

:: Flexible: As with your existing system, Clients can deposit any amount of their choice

:: Fast: Transactions are logged and confirmed via SMS instantly

:: Reassuring: Instant confirmation of deposits serve to reassure your Clients that their monies are safe

:: Accurate Data Entry: On-site records entry by your Mobile Bankers combined with automated validation by the solution eliminate errors associated with mass data entry

:: Low Cost of Deployment/Operation: Riding solely on the infrastructure of existing mobile phone networks eliminates the need to invest in expensive data connectivity hardware. Practically, the solution can be deployed to work across the country at no extra cost

:: Low Cost of Operation: No printing and no payment for third party storage of information lead to significant cost savings for you

:: Scalable: The solution can be built on/expanded to provide other SMS-based customer-centered services (balance enquiry, etc.)

:: Communication Server: Can be used to instantly communicate important information to all Field Collectors (alerts, etc.). Can also be used to easily send promotional information to all Customers on new policies, promotions, rates, etc.


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