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We have software solutions that enable your field staff, sales team, customers etc. to quickly report sales, give you feedback, etc. via SMS/Text messages in a databased system.

These databases can then be customized to enable you to utilize these Text messages for your operations or even integrate them into your existing systems.

Splash mobileBanker for instance, is a mobile deposits collection system that enables a micro-finance organization's Field Collectors to report customers' deposits via SMS through mobile phones or our mobileAdvantage portable printing devices. The deposits are databased in real-time and the customers get instant receipts on their mobile phones as well as printed receipts (when our mobileAdvantage portable devices are used). This also goes to eliminate the backoffice effort of manually entering deposits at the end of the day.

Bulk SMS

You can also dramatically increase patronage of your products, events, etc. via our easy-to-use Bulk SMS/Text Messaging systems.

These solutions also enable you to continuously stay in touch with customers, members of your organization, etc., to quickly disseminate relevant information.

easySMS is our very easy-to-use product that enables you to create groups of stakeholders, schedule SMS Broadcasts to these groups and get these broadcasts automatically sent to recipients' mobile phones at the scheduled time.

Bulk SMS Software
Bulk SMS Software
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