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It used to be that doing business without advertising was like winking at a lady in the dark. But operating any kind of organization today without an effective presence on the internet is akin to living and working in the dark!

Today's business environment is optimally competitive and highly globalized. That is why organizations like yours are actively sourcing for suppliers, partners, service providers, investors and even donors (for non-profits) on today's dynamic global platform called the internet.

It is important for your organization (and even personal consultancy) to develop and maintain an appropriate and effective presence on the internet. They call it a website, we call it a Web Presence.

Pretty much any young fellow today can claim to 'design websites'. But that is just a tiny part of developing an effective web presence! It is important to retain the services of a competent team that has the requisite mix of talent and experience to effectively establish and manage your web presence.

With almost fifteen years of web publishing experience, we at Splash Technology have all the relevant knowledge, practical experience and talents to establish and maintain an appropriate and effective web presence for any organization. We take the time to "learn" your organization so that we can properly "sell" your organization, activities and services while we optimally complement your existing marketing and promptional efforts.

Our web publishing activities include website design, usability analysis, copy editing, graphic design, multimedia development, website development, website hosting, website maintenance, website redevelopment and Search Engine Optimization & Submission.

We also build on existing or even new software systems to expose selected informaton and services to your valued clients via the web for such purposes as customer self service, stakeholder polling, feedback gathering, statement printing, etc.

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